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Posted By: Uncle Jaque
23-Feb-02 - 10:59 PM
Thread Name: Help: Noteworthy Composer
Subject: RE: Help: Noteworthy Composer
The frustrations expressed here over Melody Assistant are pretty much the some ones I have been whining about for some time.

Nonwithstanding, it is still my program of choice, and I must give credit to it's developers, the Guillion Brothers of France, for being attentive and accessable to users.
They seem to be constantly upgrading it, and the latest version is the first one in which I am actually able to get a clue as to lyrics insertion. I've been bugging them about the "edit-as-it-prints" feature, as it is a pain to keep scrolling back and forth to remember where I am in a score, then going to "print" mode to find it all cobbled up, and having to go back and forth an indeterminate number of times to get it looking presentable.
But for $15 as compared to $300-$500 for some of the comparable programs, these are annoyances which I am capable of putting up with!