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Posted By: Little Hawk
26-Feb-02 - 04:53 PM
Thread Name: You can't overdose on Cat Stevens.
Subject: RE: You can't overdose on Cat Stevens.
Actually, you can overdose on Cat Stevens. I did once back around 1975, and it was a horrible experience. I wandered around for days raving "Moonshadow, moonshadow, leapin' and a-hoppin' on a moonshadow, moonshadow, moonshad..." on and on and on and on...couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, couldn't walk the dog...was finally cured by spending 48 hours in a sensory deprivation tank and then immediately listening to Bob Dylan singing "I Want You" upon emerging.

I strictly avoided Cat Stevens recordings for the next 3 years, by which time I had fully recovered, and had no more cravings.

I agree that his first three albums were very good, but after that he was ready for something completely different...and it turned out to be Islam. I can certainly forgive him for that, although I may not agree with him on every point of doctrine...

Clinton - Hitler was more idealistic and motivated than your average 10 ordinary human beings...but the dark side of his nature unfortunately got hold of all that passion and energy and turned it to utterly destructive purposes. Read John Toland's book "Adolf Hitler" for a fascinating study of the man. To merely judge him as a one-dimensional archvillain is to be poorly informed. He was a complex individual, as most of us are...and like most of us he was convinced that he was on the side of progress, rightness, and all that is noble. He never stopped believing it right until the very end, with the Russians a block away, and his insane empire falling in ruins all around him. Such is the stubborness of the human ego in the grip of its chosen obsessions.

Spaw - You can rollerskate in a buffalo herd. Just not for very long. I believe that Yurko would be willing to do it on a bet...

- LH