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Posted By: technission
27-Feb-02 - 12:31 AM
Thread Name: You can't overdose on Cat Stevens.
Subject: RE: You can't overdose on Cat Stevens.
I also stopped listening after the first three albums; I even received one of the post-conversion discs(vinyl,then) free from a rewviewer and it wasn't my cup of anything. I actually liked Natalie Merchant covering "Peace Train", but I definitely OD'd on Moon Shadow because it's SOP on film sets to razz the sound crew with "I'm being followed by a boom shadow..." Many songs that seemed deep when I was in my late teens seem far shallower 30 years later, but if "pop" or "folk" music and words still affect emotions of many people 30 years after their origin they must have some cachet by definition. Will they still earn attention a century from now? I would dearly love to open a small and benign time rift to see the Mudcat postings of 2102...

Sometime within the last year I fixated on the tune and a few limited lyrics (couldn't remember most of them) of "Boy with the moon and star on his head." Is it star or stars plural? And isn't the crescent moon and a single star an Islamic symbol? Did this song have anything whatsoever to do with Islam? I never perceived it that way; just asking. The music was in my head for days but that was OK at the time.

Why must we go on fighting, why can't we live in bliss...