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Posted By: Joe Offer
27-Feb-02 - 06:58 AM
Thread Name: oranges and creosote
Subject: RE: oranges and creosote - Deportee
Hi, Cobber - to keep prices up so they can make a decent living, farmers often sell only first-quality produce to wholesalers. Lower-quality produce is sold locally or dumped. At one time, California farmers put creosote on dumped oranges to make them inedible and unsaleable - one can argue the morality of that, but it was a way for the growers to assure themselves an income from their labors. Nowadays, I think that most dumped produce is used for animal feed - or plowed under for fertilizer.

During harvest season in the Fresno area, it's easy to find oranges for eight for a buck - sometimes cheaper.

You'll find more information about Woody's "Deportee" in this thread (click). I recently received clippings from the local newspaper at Coalinga, California (site of the 1948 "Plane Wreck at Los Gatos Canyon"). I'll be posting excerpts from the clippings in that other thread in the next few weeks, after I get moved into my new home and can find the clippings again. I also got a letter from a newspaper editor who was at the site of the crash, and I'm supposed to call him for more information (after I finish moving).

-Joe Offer-

I suppose if there's more discussion of "Deportee," it's best to continue the existing discussion in this thread (click).