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Posted By: Midchuck
01-Mar-02 - 11:45 AM
Thread Name: Help: Martin Guitar prices in your Town
Subject: RE: Help: Martin Guitar prices in your Town
Any of the higher-end Martins ("Standard" and above) can, in general, be had new, with hard case and full warranty, for 40% discount, i. e. you pay 6/10 of the published "list" price, from various mail order sources, of which Elderly is probably the most honest and reliable that I've dealt with.

I don't recommend this. If you buy from a good local dealer, you can get 20% to 30% discount, unless the dealer's an idiot; and you get to try the instrument before buying; you have some recourse nearby, if the dealer's honest and/or cares about your repeat business - he'll fix minor problems in-house, and help you with your warranty claim on major ones; and you help keep local small business alive. But you can do it.

Therefore, it makes no sense to pay more than about 50% of the "list" price for a recent used Martin. Even if it's in mint condition, you don't get the warranty.

Of course, the value of used Martins goes down with increasing age, back to about 1970, then it goes up with greater age from then back, reaching the point of absurdity as go get into the '50s and '40s.