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Posted By: saulgoldie
04-Mar-02 - 11:05 AM
Thread Name: Help: Autoharp Buying Advice
Subject: Autoharp Buying...Custom?
Dear Catters, I am thinking about buying a custom harp, like on the order of maybe 15 chords and more robust capability--more chords, and duplicate strings--in one or two keys rather than a chromatic that plays more keys but more thinly. So, I would appreciate feasibility and set-up guidance from the collected wisdom, herein. Should I go for just one key, and maybe only eleven chords? Are there two fairly complimentary keys that would allow for some duplicated strings, and still have depth within each key? I am also pondering going "custom" rather than converting an "off the shelf" model. I realize that this choice will trim my "roving & ramblin" budget for a while, but I am considering it, nonetheless. Again, who makes a really nice one, and just how much should I 'spect to pay? Thanks so much. It is so good to have this place!

Sincerely, Saul