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Posted By: BK
27-Mar-99 - 01:20 AM
Thread Name: Info/Opinions RE: Martin Guitars
Subject: RE: Info/Opinions RE: Martin Guitars
Catspaw -

Too busy to chk this for a few days.. but it tempts me to wonder about a "what do 'catters eat?" thread. Not precisely/tightly related to music.. sort of.. but.. it IS, for some of us, not entirely unrelated to our overall sense of esthetics.. For sweetie 'n me, we surely find food an esthetic experience, as we do music!

Now; if you do live w/in driving distance of Wheaton triangle, go a few doors (abt 4-5 or so, near the bicycle shop) east of the University/Georgia intersection, on the south side of the street. There's a little Thai place there which is excellent, & also has those to-die-for fish cakes that not all the Thai places bother to carry. Their "Floating Market Soup" (often on lunch special) is also very-extremely-outrageously-definitely to-die-for (if ya like it a little spicey).

There's also a great little thai place on Georgia near there (east side of street), vietnamese places in the triangle, as well as a very decent japanese-korean place in the middle of the triangle. other places in the neighborhood too. Like a great little chinese bakery. Their sweets are among my absolute favorites; often a little understated. Then there's the little Jamaican grocery where they sell Dragon stout, maybe my favorite in the world (sorry, Guiness lovers, but that's how it is.. [NOI])

Now I'm really hungry again, tho still full of fajita's, tortillas & rice 'n beans.. Ah, so much food, so little time..

Cheers, BK