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Posted By: Paul G.
04-Mar-02 - 08:00 PM
Thread Name: Thumbpick help
Subject: Thumbpick help
Because of sudden and unexpected damage to my thumb nail, which I have always peferred to a thumbpick, I have had to cave-in and put on the plastic in order to perform. So, I've been out and about shopping for he perfect pick (which continues to elude me). That which comes closest is the Zookies L-10. Even though it's a "large" it's very tight on my thumb, which leads me to two questions. First, what are your recommendations for a lightweight thumbpick? Second, do you have suggestions for re-sizing the bloody things? Microwave 'em? Hot water and stretch? I've been practicing with it several hours a day and have gained reasonable competency, an even a liking for the more percussive sound, so I may keep it on for the long-term. All opinions appreciated...