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Posted By: Wilfried Schaum
05-Mar-02 - 03:03 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: I am a Fine Musician - German song?
Reminiscences of youth ... I learned this song some 50 years ago by oral tradition in the German YMCA, forgot a lot, but the melody still is there. I just remember the trumpet and the treble recorder.
This song is sung alternately by solo singer and chorus.

one: Ich bin ein Musikante
und komm' aus Schwabenland.
all: Wir sind die Musikanten
und komm'n aus Schwabenland.
one: Ich kann spielen
auf der Trompete
all: Wir können spielen
auf der Trompete:
Schnedde-RENG-teng-teng, schnedde-reng-teng-teng,
schnedde-reng-teng-teng, schnedde-reng-teng-teng. repeat

Ich bin ein ...
Ich kann spielen
auf der Flöte
Tütü-LÜ-tü-tü, tütü-lü-tü-tü,
tütü-lü-tü-tü, tütü-lü-tü-tü.repeat

Note: It is one of the inconsistencies of the German language, that you not only can play an instrument (acc.), but also on an instrument (prep. + dat.) which is the cause here for the sake of the beat.
The sound imitations are here slightly different from Uilleand's version. They start with an upbeat, the first stress is on the syllable in capitals.
In my version the word auch is omitted; the monosyllable kann is stretched over two notes, but you may let it stand. Nevertheless it must be omitted after the dyosyllable können.