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Posted By: Pejotka
28-Mar-99 - 04:00 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat in German language?
Subject: RE: Mudcat in German language?
Hello Andreas, Wolfgang Hell, Susanne and Joe Offer,

thank you for your statements to the idea of a "German language mudcat" or a "German departement" of mudcat. To explain my interest and point of view: I am not only a singer-songwriter (Songs & Satire, Kritische Lieder etc.) but since a couple of years I teach folksongs in courses for adults (Volkshochschule). I sing songs with people and tell them about the background of the songs (from all over world, mostly from Germany (nicht t쳌melnde Lieder des Volkes), USA, Great-Britain and Ireland)- so that is why I thought, a discussion forum in German language could be of interest for my work. I would not at all be able to create or manage such a network. The "large" number of answers to my question shows that it could have been the maybe rightquestion (for me)at a wrong time and place. Finally I would like to say that I am very thankful for the existing of the "MUDCAT".I usually read all the different threads as often as I have the time. And I will be going on searching for Songs in English language there, too. Have a nice time. pjk