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Posted By: Becky
28-Mar-99 - 04:20 PM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: The Copper's Song (Hamish Imlach)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE COPPER'S SONG (Hamish Imlach)
Hiya everyone :)

I am new to Mudcat, and this is my first attempt at posting lyrics, so bear with me if it goes horribly pearshaped.

Being fairly new to folk music, I don't know much about the singers or the songs yet (though I'm loving every bit of discovering new songs and new people), but as far as I understood from Hamish Imlach's daughter, who lives in Oslo, he's the guy who wrote Black is the Colour, (originally for his wife and later adapted for his mistress :)). Anyway, I have the Glasgow spelling for the song AndyG wrote, if it's of any interest.

(Hamish Imlach)

It was doon in auld Invertoddie
The Gestapo were oot on their beats
Lookin' for murder and arson
And drunks as they stot doon the street

Noo two of the Chief Constable's agents
Had note-books quite full of names
Fourteen men, three women and a dog
For peein' up closes and lanes

It was twelve o'clock when they found it
Lyin' there just like a log
T'was a badly bashed aboot body
Tyre marks scotched up its physog

They went through the usual procedures
They kicked it tae mak sure it was dead
Then they went through its pockets and shared oot its cash
And smoked all its fags while it bled

They then lifted up this body
One at its head and its feet
and they carried it aff tae an alleyway
And dumped it on an ither man's beat

It was four o'clock when they re-found it
Propped up in an old chip shop doo
r It was naked by now with a note roond it's neck
Not wanted on beats three or four.

Hope this turns out alright, and if it does thanks to your help for mudcatters thread :)!

Becky :)