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Posted By: Bobert
09-Mar-02 - 11:20 AM
Thread Name: New Jerry Rasmussen fan!
Subject: RE: New Jerry Rassmussen fan!
Why's everybody lookin' at me? Jus' funnin. Hey, as much as I would love to have a few Catdisks around to play when I'm in the Catbox, I am so techologically challenged that I got an arrow and "This side down" written on masking tape on my garden shovel, so when it come to puter stuff....well, that's another sad story indeed. I can make tapes and that's about it. So we need someone, as some of the Catters have said they can do, who are willing to take either tapes and CD's and convert them to CD's. That seems to be the first issue.

The choice issue is a bit tougher. Themes? Random? My personal feeling is that I would like to hear at least one song from any Catter who goes to the trouble of submitting something. It makes it easier to for me to feel who they are when I later read their posts. I like some of Jerry's ideas but wouldn't mind seeing some other folks ideas.