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Posted By: michaelr
10-Mar-02 - 01:08 AM
Thread Name: New Jerry Rasmussen fan!
Subject: RE: New Jerry Rassmussen fan!
No disrespect to Max, but why would his approval be required (except for use of the Mudcat name/logo)?
The problem I see with the Idiosyncratic Individual approach is that such an individual's personal tastes would influence the selection, thereby creating resentment in those people whose contributions are not selected. So I'm with Bobert - anyone who sends in songs should at least have one of them on the CD(s).

I may be on thin ice here technologically (pretty new to all this myself), but to me mp3s sound inferior, and I am attributing this to the digital file compression used. Maybe one of you techies out there can enlighten us on whether this problem persists when mp3s are converted to .wav files.

Lastly, I do believe that this subject merits its own thread (let's let po' Jerry get some rest!); I would start one myself but I'm unclear on how to paste posts from this thread into the new one (maybe with post paste?)