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Posted By: saulgoldie
10-Mar-02 - 08:21 AM
Thread Name: what do you want from a songbook
Subject: From a songbook I want...
Since I don't read music too well and learn songs mostly by ear, words and chords work fine for me. A companion CD with a verse and chorus to remind me of how a song sounds would help quite a bit. (Actually, Susan's suggestion to put the whole danged thing on a CD has much merit, especially with regard to costs and resource consumption.) Musical scoring can help me some times. But it is not my highest priority. If I see a song in "Rise..." that I like the words and have not heard, I can always explore "the folk process" and ask other folks how it goes. That way I get music time and people time, as well. Kinda like that party game where you get someone's name tacked on your back and you have to ask others about "yourself" which is just a vehicle for social engagement. And for me, that is the goal.