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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
11-Mar-02 - 06:14 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat CD maybe?
Subject: RE: Mudcat CD maybe?
CD or clickable sound links - it's not a matter of either or. A CD would be fun to have, it potentially could be a way of getting some money into the Kitty, and generating support in other ways maybe.

A sound equivalent on the photo gallery would be a way we could satisfy our curiosity and get to know each other, and it's be totally open.

They satisfy different needs. We could do with both of them.

The CD needn't be a major operation, if it's decentralised the way I suggested. One person makes the selection from tapes/CDs/MP3's etc. Someone else puts together on a CD, with a bit of basic editing (making the volume level of the different tracks approximately equal, maybe some fade-ins and fade outs, and removing the crackles. Working from the CD the same person or someone else prepares the CD label and cover file.

Then for producing CDs themselves, this could be done on a decentralised basis - all you need to run off copies as and when people want them are a copy of the CD and the file with the label and the cover instructions to be used with some generally available programme like Adaptec. A smattering of people all over the place could do that, as and when requested by whoever was getting the orders with the money, and the costs could be reimbursed (or they might be dealt with as a donation by the people involved in some cases.)

Or of course it could all be done by some willing soul who'd take it all on, such as Amos perhaps, if that's what he'd up for.

Producing and maintaining an online Musical Gallery would be more of a task, since it would need to updated and so forth. But it wouldn't need to be very different from the photo gallery. Once again, it could be done in a decentralised way, with the actual sound files stored on different website, a few here and a few there. I'd be happy to find room for a dozen or so files. (But I'd jib at the idea of taking on the task of running the photo gallery as such.)