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Posted By: greg stephens
12-Mar-02 - 09:23 AM
Thread Name: Help: What does 'asthore' mean?
Subject: RE: Help: What does 'asthore' mean?
Philippa, I dont think we are disgreeing. I think I was making the same sort of point, the very prosaic connotations of the word in its current English usage compared to the romantic meaning of the Irish version, and the obvious connection with the usual sterotyped view of the two peoples. I am interested in your agreeing about "crack" and "craic".Many times recently I have seen it stated as a fact that "craic" was orginally an Irish word loaned to English ( ditto "smashing" as in "good") and I can't help thinking this is a total blarneyish fabrication.But I'm no linguistic historian, I'd be willing to be convinced otherwise by some old examples in Irish if anyone could supply them.