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Posted By: Big Mick
12-Mar-02 - 01:17 PM
Thread Name: Help: What does 'asthore' mean?
Subject: RE: Help: What does 'asthore' mean?
First off, Roger, it was Philippa and not Bill who made the genitive/dative distinction for us.

Bill, I find your comment about "most" Americans to be a gratuitous use of the term. While I would agree that many probably don't, I think that your comment is denigrating for the great many that devote time and effort to study of the Irish language. Philippa, who is as good an authority as you will find anywhere, is, if I recall correctly, an Irish American who now lives in Ireland. Another Mudcatter that is as competent as any you will find here is AĆ­ne, who is born and raised in Texas. If I am misreading your comments, please accept my apologies.

If I am understanding the implications being made here, it is that the phrase "Erin Go Bragh" was added to the Green Harp flag by the Irish and the Irish Americans in the USA for use on American Civil War battle standards. I am interested in documentation on this, as I am quite certain that I have seen the phrase used on the flags in historical representations of flags in use in Ireland. And while I agree that the phrasing is incorrect, I am interested in knowing its origins. I did a quick check and the only site that implied this to be the case was THIS ONE. My reading of his narrative doesn't offer any evidence of when this phrase was added. Can any of you help on this? I am interested in citations that I can then check out. Thanks.