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29-Mar-99 - 11:23 PM
Thread Name: Banjo Jokes, let the dueling begin....
Subject: RE: Banjo Jokes, let the dueling begin....
A man decides to take a short vacation from his job and travel somewhere exotic. So, he books a trip to a small, essentially untouched Pacific island where the native culture is still intact. He has great expectations (no, not the novel by Dickens) for his trip, as he really needs the time off.

So, he sets sail on his chartered ship to the island paradise. As the boat is approaching the island, he notices the sound of drums. "How quaint," he thinks, "the natives are engaging in an ancient ritual with drums. He arrives at the island and gets something to eat. All this time, the drums are going.

After a few hours, our vacationer begins to wonder when the drums are going to stop. So, he asks a native why the drums are going on so long. The native runs away screaming with a terrified look on his face. Thinking he has probably disturbed the sanctity of the native ritual by asking an intrusive question, the man decides to just forget about the drums and enjoy his vacation.

After another two days of continuous drums, it's really beginning to bother him. So, he asks another native, "When are the drums going to stop?" The native just looks at him with utter horror. So, he asks again, "Why are the drums going on so long?" This native, like the first one, runs away screaming. The guy relents.

So, after another two days, the man has had it with drums. He grabs the first native he sees by the neck & demands that he make the drums stop. The native replies indignantly, "I would rather die than be the one who stops the drums." The man asks him why. Slowly, and with visible pain, the native answers, "Because when the drums are over, the banjo solo starts!"