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Posted By: Bruce O.
30-Mar-99 - 03:30 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Tommy Linn
Subject: Lyr Add: TOMMY LINN
DT has two 'Tom Bolynn' songs from different sources, but the same singer. Here's one (no tune unfortunately) from Ritson's 'The North Country Chorister', 1802.

Tommy Linn is a Scotchman born,
His head is bald, and his beard is shorn;
He has a cap made of a hare skin;
An elder man is Tommy Linn.

Tommy Linn has no boots to put on,
But two calves skins, and the hair it was on;
They are open at the side and the water goes in;
Unwholesome boots, says Tommy Linn.

Tommy Linn has a mare of the gray,
Lam'd of all four, as I hear say;
It has the farcy all over the skin:
It's a running yade, say Tommy Linn.

Tommy Linn no bridle had to put on,
But two mouse tails, and them he put on:
Tommy Linn had no saddle to put on,
But two urchin skins, and them he put on.

Tommy Linn went to yonder hall,
Went hipping and skipping among them all;
They ask'd what made him come so boldly in,
I've come a wooing, says Tommy Linn.

Tommy Linn went to the church to be wed,
The bride followed after, hanging down her head;
She hung down her cheeks, she hung down her chin;
You are fair enough now, says Tommy Linn.

Tommy Linns daughter sat on the 'brig,'
Oh, dear father, gin I be not trig!
The bridge it broke, and she fell in,
You are trig enough now, says Tommy Linn.

Tommy Linn, and his wife, and his wifes mother,
They all fell into the fire together;
They that lay undermost got a hot skin:
We are not enough, says Tommy Linn.