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Posted By: hobbitwoman
14-Mar-02 - 10:26 PM
Thread Name: Help: What does 'asthore' mean?
Subject: RE: Help: What does 'asthore' mean?
Martin Ryan, no, I was not a blonde child nor ever a blonde at all - my hair was dark when I was young but has grown curiously redder as I age! Hey, some of us go gray, and some of us - don't! :o)

It's funny how you can hear something all your life and not have a clue what it means, or think it means something completely different! I thougth Pat Canavan was a guy - a character in a play, perhaps, as my father was quite fond of quoting from plays and poetry. I thought he was positively brilliant when I was very young, because he had a saying for every occasion. When I got old enough to study Shakespeare in school, I was blown away to find that my dad had been quoting the bard a good deal of the time! :o) He was a character! My dad, not Shakespeare - though he might've been too for all I know!