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Posted By: vectis
17-Mar-02 - 09:08 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Anathea (from Judy Collins)
Subject: Lyr Add: LAZLO FEYER
This is the version I first heard in the late 1960's. I was told it was a Hungarian song.
I used to sing it a lot and finally found a local flamenco guitarist who could sing it better than me and gave him the tune and lyrics.


Lazlo Feyer stole a stallion,
Stole him from the misty mountains
And they chased him and they caught him
And in iron chains they bound him.

Word has come to Annas Feyer
That her brother was in prison
"Bring me gold and six white horses
I will buy my brothers freedom."

"Judge. Oh! Judge please free my brother
I will give you gold and silver."
"I don't want your gold and silver
All I want are your sweet favours."

"Annas Feyer. Oh! My sister,
Are you mad with grief and sorrow?
He will rob you of your favours
Then He'll hang me from the gallows."

Annas Fever did not heed him,
Straight way to the judge went running.
In his golden bed at midnight
She could hear the gallows creaking.

Annas Feyer. Annas Feyer.
Don't go out into the forest
There amongst the pine trees swaying
You will find your brother hanging.

Curse be on that judge so cruel!
Thirteen years may he lie bleeding!
Thirteen doctors cannot cure him!
Thirteen shelves of drugs won't heal him!

Lazlo Feyer stole a stallion
Stole him from the misty mountains,
And they chased him and they caught him
And in iron chains they bound him
And they hung him from the gallows.