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Posted By: C-flat
18-Mar-02 - 06:00 AM
Thread Name: The things Kids say
Subject: RE: The things Kids say
My 6 year-old Neice was in the local supermarket with her Mother when she caught sight of a Sikh gentleman wearing a vivid turban. Most Asians in our area are Muslims and this was the first time the little girl had seen anyone wearing a turban. My sister-in-law noticed that her daughter was staring and attempted to distract her attention to another aisle. "Mummy?" said the little girl, and pointed to the Sikh. "Come-on, This way!" said Mum feeling worried that her daughter was about to embarrass the gentleman."MUMMY!" the girl continued, "Come HERE darling!" replies the mother trying not to draw attention, "BUT MUMMY....LOOK!...A GENIE!!!" Everyone, including the Sikh, fell about in hysterics!