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Posted By: katlaughing
31-Mar-99 - 06:35 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Parody of The Cat's In The Cradle
Subject: RE: ADD LYR: Parody of The Cat's In The Cradle
Ptthhew! This is Heyokah. I've taken over kat's "pewter" to lodge a protest on behalf of ALL Siamese EVERYWHERE!! And, other less attractive cats. Dogs, too? NEVER! They stink, have rude personal habits, and might actually be good in Chinese food! I always say the only good dog is a cooked dog!

This song violates our right to live nine lives! How are we to do that inside somebody's belly, with someone else we don't even like?!

Furthermore, it ruins the reputation of those establishments which we like to patronise because they don't feature unknown meat in their ethnic dishes!

And, he says, looking down his long, Siamese nose, blinking his crazed and crossed blue eyes, "If you all don't stop making these sort of snide songs about the most intelligent and beautiful species on the planet, then I just may have to pull katlaughing's plug! Bye, bye, 'pewter. Bye, bye Mudcat! Ahahahaha (evil laugh)!

In Purrfection, I am,

Heyokah, Lord of the Seventh Realm & Grand Pubbah of the Lesser Knowns