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Posted By: sledge
19-Mar-02 - 09:04 AM
Thread Name: BS: Algeria - 40 Years Old Today
Subject: RE: BS: Algeria - 40 Years Old Today
Amended version of the above so that it makes a bit more sense, knee jerk responses to moronic statements should always be proof read.

To imply that Algeria is a haven for terrorists is simplistic and naive.

A haven is a safe shelter and Algeria is anything but that.

Algeria does however have a significant problem with with very active domestic terrorists. Every week reports of soldiers, civilians and terrorists being killed are made, many of them quite graphic. The scale of the problem is never really reported fully in the British press and so not appreciated for what it is. People see an arabic country with the words terrorist attached and assume the worst.

It is also worth noting that some events that are called terrorist are really nothing more than old fashioned banditry, often quite brutal.

But a haven no I don't think so, I have yet to drive past the "Hilton holiday rest home for Psycohpaths" and I have had nearly three years to do so.