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Posted By: DonMeixner
31-Mar-99 - 10:48 PM
Thread Name: mandolin repair
Subject: RE: mandolin repair

You've touch on a dificult area to discuss. That of worth.

First, how bad is it? Is it meerly dried out and in need of gluing or was a small truck parked on it? Is it a round back that is now suddenly a flat back?

Second, What make is it? Some folks view Martins as awful while others prefere their even, warm tone to the some what brittle sound of a Gibson. Some people will try and fix a Stella themselves but send a Weyman to the shop for a professional job.

Third, What do you plan for it? Stage performance or a wall hanger and a sprig of ivy. Are going to play it? Its just a fiddle with frets in an overly simplified sense.

Last and most important, Sentiment. This was an inheritence from a loved one. Is that enogh weight to make the repairs worth the expense? ( If it were frommy Dad, I'd fix it.)

I haven't answered any questionsand I've really proposed more. Good luck.