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Posted By: kytrad (Jean Ritchie)
20-Mar-02 - 06:57 PM
Thread Name: Ky. MusicHallofFameInduction-HeyKYTRAD!
Subject: RE: Ky. MusicHallofFameInduction-HeyKYTRAD!
Yes, thank you Spaw and all- I'm back home, and it was quite a party- made me think I was at one of those Do's (how does one write the plural of Do?)on TV...Oscars, Grammies, etc. It was a grand banquet, ten at a table, with live music, videos, speeches, entertainment. Each inductee had a 'Presenter,' and mine was my friend Dr. Ron Pen, UK Music Dept., who said many good things,then presented me with the trophy (for lack of the right word)- a lovely tall statue (about 18" tall, with a K at the top, for Kentucky, and my name and the year at the base) made of native Kentucky woods. I was next to last, and after Loretta Lynn had her presentation, we all were called back for a group photo for the Herald-Leader (one-half page in color on March 1st).

As you see from the list, many of this Pioneer group are deceased. Each had family or friends there to accept. Bill Monroe's was accepted by his son; the Everly Brothers (not dead but didn't come) sent their Mother. Rosemary Clooney (living, but very ill; she sent lovely video and her nephew- NOT George but another nice one). Of the living, I was there, and The Osborne Brothers, Tom T. Hall and Loretta Lynn.

I had nine family members there- and that was one of the best things for me. I made my usual unplanned remarks and thought surely they'd take back the trophy when I finished, but later several folks told me they had enjoyed 'your sincerity and spontaneousness,' which made me wonder what indeed I had actually said! I suppose someone made a recording of the whole thing, so maybe sometime I'll find out...

George looked gorgeous in his tux- he had owned it for about 25 years; it has taken me that long to talk him into wearing it.

That's enough about that. Thanks for your interest..Jean