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Posted By: GUEST,Willie-O
21-Mar-02 - 09:15 AM
Thread Name: Best /Worst Job List
Subject: RE: Best /Worst Job List
Interesting to see my previous post.

Since then I sold hardware at Canadian Tire for a year, which was fun but paid lousy.. For the past fifteen months I have been in that long-awaited "entry-level hightech job" where, just as Amergin was, I am currently a Tier 2 Help Desk tech for a large DSL provider. It's neither the best nor the worst job I've had. Working for a huge corporation is very much like working for the federal government, except that you're expected to kiss more ass and agree with more ridiculous statements in a corporation.

I miss building things. In fact I feel a bit silly commuting to the city every day in my pickup truck (60 miles each way) but I can't bear to get rid of it in favour of an actual commuting microcar...I work construction hours, too. (7-3:30)

And I;m doing some gigs but feeling kind of ambivalent about that at the moment too; seems like I've lost a lot of my fire for playing music.

Reassessing my worst-ever job, it was definitely hanging tobacco in a kiln in Tillsonburg. Your hands turn into nicotine blackened claws. I think I lasted five days.