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Posted By: kytrad (Jean Ritchie)
21-Mar-02 - 04:20 PM
Thread Name: Ky. MusicHallofFameInduction-HeyKYTRAD!
Subject: RE: Ky. MusicHallofFameInduction-HeyKYTRAD!
Thanks again, everyone...Ellen, what a nice compliment (I think!?) I've never heard, "lifts all boats." Is that the marine equivalent to what "wind beneath my wings" is to the airbourne? Anyway, I'll store that one away-thanks.

Son Jon, my webmaster, just yesterday posted on my website the beginnings of a photo-gallery. His captions are a bit repetitive (& slightly embarrassing, Spaw!), being mostly, "Jean with____________(wellknown person). Well there wasn't much else to say, I guess, and they're all friends.

Spaw, George is the handsome one(grey hair & beard) seated at the left in the family group. This was taken in our suite after the gala, so you do get to view his tux!