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Posted By: Judy, again
01-Apr-99 - 04:06 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Somebody's Waiting for Me (Sterling/Von T
Subject: RE: There's A Light Shining Bright
Pete & Gene, I kept messin' around and got my realaudio updated, and when I clicked on it this time...viola!! It works. I am listening to it now. Yep, it's the song. My Aunt (mother's fraternal twin) played the guitar as she sang it and since she had only learned a few chords from a man that traveled around back in the 1920's and taught music to people at community centers or gathering places...she didn't have a very big range. She sang the song a lot slower and mournful as I'm sure her mother sang it. Oh, my mother and this Aunt were born in 1906. I was a surprise baby when my mother turned 42! Anyway, I'm glad that the song survives, and it is interesting to see that the words have strayed little even though it was not written down in my family until I recorded my Aunt singing it and got her to also talk the words so I knew I was getting it right. My mother died in 1963 when I was 14, so I had to rely on this Aunt to tell me stories and sing the songs. I hope what I am reading about this mudcat doesn't prove to be true. It is muchly needed, and there are always going to be "new" people coming along and discovering folk songs and looking for places to find and discuss them. Now, do you have someone singing The Two Sisters? My Aunt sang..Sing I do, Sing I day...for the chorus, although I know there are different words on this. Judy