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Posted By: Celtic Soul
23-Mar-02 - 12:05 PM
Thread Name: A Mudcatter's Thank You
Subject: RE: A Mudcatter's Thank You
Lonesome EJ penned: "I often find myself angry or baffled by the random cruelty and thoughtless violence that seems to play such a role in the world. Perhaps there is no changing those things. Maybe the ultimate revelation of our value lies in how we deal with these things, how we hold to our basic sense of right and dignity in the face of them. In the process, we may lose every material thing that gives us comfort, until we are left at last with whatever peace and strength lie within us".

Oh, *spot on*!!! Well penned. I wish I could have been half as eloquent.

Nightowl, thanks for sharing what must still be painful in a very healing way. It gives one pause and faith.