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24-Mar-02 - 08:35 AM
Thread Name: Best /Worst Job List
Subject: RE: Best /Worst Job List
So, I met an old school chum of mine the other day... I took my grandson to Ringling Brothers Circus the other afternoon. We got there early and walked around a bit. We stopped by the elephant's area outside the show and low and behold, there was Rodger Sutherland. He had a huge fire hose in his hand and had his back to us. I yelled his name, but he didn't hear me. We watched as he advanced on the huge bull elephant in front of him. The elephant's feet were shackled and two other handlers had his neck in nooses. Rodger climbed up on a stepladder, raised the elephants tail and shove the fire hose up the elephant's ass. He jumped down, ran to the faucet nearby and turned on the water. The elephant began to trumpet and leap about. Just then the hose blew out of the elephant asshole and shit flew everywhere. Rodger was absolutely covered in the most abhorrent stuff you can imagine.

I yelled his name again and he came over to us. (A mistake on my part.) And I said,

My God, Rodger, what a horrible job. Giving elephants enemas. Why don't you quit and do something else?

And he said, "What, and give up show business?"