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Posted By: Dave Bryant
25-Mar-02 - 12:30 PM
Thread Name: Anderton boat lift reopens
Subject: RE: Anderton boat lift reopens
Sorry Kat, it wasn't a stoopid question, the answer to your question about the naming of the Anderton lift is that it is actually situated at a place called Anderton, which is a suburb of Northwich, Cheshire - see map HERE. Perhaps the family of your youngest daughter's biological father, originally came from Cheshire, England.

Steve you can find the proposed details of the MK-Bedford cut HERE. Some people obviously have strange ideas about waterways. Many years ago there might have been good reasons for barring the doors/windows and locking up daughters when the navvies were building a new canal nearby, but I think things are different now. Even members of "The Waterways Recovery Group" (modern navvies) are reasonably civilized and they seem to have a high percentage of female members (pehaps it's lock up your sons !). With the main line of the GU going through MK, surely the residents should be aware that there is very little commercial carrying on most canals these days.

Finally "Guessed", Northwich, Cheshire was at the centre of the salt industry (try and find Pete Coe's super song "Farewell to the Brine") you're not being "Pooped".