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Posted By: Jim Dixon
25-Mar-02 - 10:11 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Any Old Time (Jimmie Rodgers)
Subject: Lyr Add: ANY OLD TIME (Jimmie Rodgers)
So how come you Hank Snow fans don't want to copy a song into the thread, to make sure it will be saved for posterity?

Copied from OLD TIME:

(Jimmie Rodgers)

Oh, ley-he-ee, ah-le-oh-lay-he-he
D'yo-del-ay-he-he, d'yo-del-ay-hee.

I just received your letter. You're down-and-out, you say.
At first I thought I would tell you to travel on the other way.
But in my memory lingers all you once were to me.
I'm going to give you another chance to prove what you can be.

Any old time you want to come back home,
Drop me a line and say no mo' you'll roam.
You had your chance to play the game fair.
When you left me, sweetheart, you only left a load of care.

Now that you're down, I'm going to stick by you.
If you will only say your roaming days are through.
You'll find me here, like the day you left me alone
Any old time you want to come back home.

[Instrumental bridge -- mostly cornet, violin, clarinet]

You'll find me right here, like the day you left me alone
Any old time, you want to come back home.
(Home, home)

Artist: Jimmie Rodgers; Transcribed from Rounder CD 1057 "Jimmie Rodgers: "The Early Years, 1928-1929". Lyrics in this version, recorded in New York City, Feb. 21, 1929. Jimmy on solo vocal with a house orchestra of unknown violin, cornet, clarinet, tuba, piano, and trapman, and conducted by Leonard Joy.

Note, when Hank Snow recorded this song, he omitted verse 1 shown above.