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Posted By: Knitpick
27-Mar-02 - 12:35 AM
Thread Name: Fielding Banjo Mute
Subject: RE: Fielding Banjo Mute
I can't see the damn thing, so can someone describe how it works? I've seen various ones over the years, and think I still have one or two wooden ones which wedge down on the bridge (with cutouts for the strings, of course). Something approaching the gizmo fiddlers use (a wire contraption with a bit of rubber tubing that, when needed, is slid up over the top of the bridge, and when not needed, is slid back down the strings behind the bridge) is what I'd envision. I've used pinch clothes pins on the bridge feet, and the solid brass bridge someone made me once is a very effective mute, though it isn't "quick-change" in the least.

So, a description, please.

Bob Clayton
(posting on Jennifer's dime).