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Posted By: pattyClink
27-Mar-02 - 02:15 PM
Thread Name: Best /Worst Job List
Subject: RE: Best /Worst Job List
Lyle, wow! We need the stories behind your B&W!

This is an amazing thread, a suspect a person could take it on retreat and figure out the meaning of life.

Best: can't choose, I've had a lot of weird and oddly satisfying jobs, though none conventionally thought of as 'desirable'. Maybe mudlogging on a ranch in south Texas while bunking in a great hotel on the beach?

Worst: tie. Was it waitressing in the ancient restaurant where all the cooks were illiterate so you had to recite and request your orders over and over at just the right time? Or was it hacking rock in a dozer trench in the blazing sun, such that trench-digging laborers were looking at you with pity in their eyes.