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Posted By: Marion
27-Mar-02 - 08:08 PM
Thread Name: Fielding Banjo Mute
Subject: RE: Fielding Banjo Mute
Rick, your 12:38 post reminded me of a poster I've made (actually, the one I gave you a copy of - you too, Willie-O, if you're reading this thread). Some of my friends tell me that I should be making a more polished version of it and trying to sell it. One guy seems to nag me about it every time we talk.

But I'm not willing to undertake the risk and bother of seriously marketing the things - giving them away to my friends is more my kind of business plan. So I finally told this guy that if HE wanted to be my publisher, he had my blessing. He can redo it nicer and make copies and figure out how to sell them, and give me a modest royalty if they sell. So now when we talk he goes on and on about how he should do this someday rather than how I should do this someday, which I figure is a step in the right direction.

My point - actually I have two - is that maybe you could tell Steve, or anyone else who seems to feel that banjo mutes are the next boom industry, that if they're willing to do the annoying business stuff, you'll sell them the design. My other point is to ask how those illustrations are coming along. Maybe we can get you a royalty too on my poster sales.

Oh, and Sharon - maybe we need a new thread prefix, DFY (for Dinna Fash Yeself) to be used when a thread title mentions a Mudcatter's name, so everyone doesn't automatically assume that the person is dead. You think?