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Posted By: bet
03-Apr-99 - 05:03 PM
Thread Name: mandolin repair
Subject: RE: mandolin repair
Hi, all. I'll try this again. Just finished a message to you and hit the wrong button. Now, I'm doing it over. That happens to me often on this computer. Thanks for all the suggestions and questions. They made me think a little about the mandolin. I don't think I have top brand, it's a Supertone. Does that ring a bell for anyone? No, it hasn't been run over by a mack, it does have a rounded back. I think it really needs to just be reglued. I have no intentions of trying to fix it myself. (I love to sew new things but hate, to sew buttons back on or mend a seam.) There is a lot on intricial design on it mostly in ivory and mother of pearl. I'm not going to use it as a plant holder or wall decoration. I think I would like to play it if I can find someone to fix it. Margarita, I have an aunt in Euegene that I am going to try to visit this summer. If I haven't found someone to fix it, I'll bring it with me. I live in the northwest corner of Colordo. I'm 45 minutes from the ski resort of Steamboat Springs in the little town of Craig. I drive a lot so things don't seem to remoted. We are 4 hrs. from Denver 3 from Grand Juncion 3 from Glenwood Springs, the closest large towns. There, I think I answerd all the questions I can. Thanks to all of you for taking time to give me some things to think about. I would be interested in hearing more if anything else comes up. Thanks bet