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Posted By: Little Hawk
29-Mar-02 - 11:45 PM
Thread Name: Dylan/Cash/Teepees
Subject: RE: Dylan/Cash/Teepees
Kat - Yeah, I know all about that...I remember a time when "Native Americans" (the present politically acceptable term) were proud to call themselves "Indians" or "American Indians" or refer to their race as "The Red Man". To say "Red Indian" is not pejorative, it is merely to distinguish clearly from East Indian. They still speak of "The Good Red Road"...the Native American spiritual path, but they have decided that "Indian" is no longer acceptable. I despise the political correctness conventions of language, the petty thinking that lies behind it, and its ever-changing agenda of what's proper to say and what isn't proper to say (in whose opinion, and what is their authority?). It's utterly silly. I don't find any of the above terms offensive. They weren't offensive when coming out of the mouths of Native Americans less than 40 years ago and they aren't offensive now. People have very short memories for this sort of thing.

- LH