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Posted By: katlaughing
30-Mar-02 - 12:28 AM
Thread Name: Dylan/Cash/Teepees
Subject: RE: Dylan/Cash/Teepees
LH, as you are, I am fully aware of the different terms throughout the past. When you speak of "they" I assume you mean people you know personally? People I know who are of pre-Columbus heritage (how's that for a new one!?) call themselves "Indians" BUT would be offended at a general non-Indian co-opting of the "Red" bit or even "Indian," sometimes. Then there's the even newer acronym a lot of them use, in written form, "NDN."

IMO, it is not whether you find any of the terms offensive, but rather if you offend any "Indians" when you use those terms. Some you would not, others you might. Russell Means says he thinks the term "Native American" is a white man's apology and attempt to rememdy atrocities, so calls himself an "Indian." Many of my friends speak of their hearts being "red" and in fact, I've been honoured when they've told me my heart is "red," but I still would be very conscious of whom I said that around, so as not to offend. We had an old thread which discussed a lot of this, way back when, and we finally came up with the term "ethically conscious," which, to me, is much more meaningful than being "PC."

It's a mixed up bag, isn't it?