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Posted By: Little Hawk
31-Mar-02 - 01:37 PM
Thread Name: Dylan/Cash/Teepees
Subject: RE: Dylan/Cash/Teepees
I think the actual past history of peoples and migrations is more tied to periodic natural catastrophes than the archaeologists and anthropologists generally imagine. Continents have shifted, huge areas of land have vanished beneath the oceans, and other huge areas have arisen to be colonized by migrants and survivors.

I was told by a medicine man that the so-called "Indians" are an amalgam of several different racial groups, that some of them came from lands in the Pacific, some from a former continent in the Atlantic which sank, some from Asia...and some of them were "always here on this land".

I suspect he was dead right about that, and that the western hemisphere has never been empty of inhabitants, except prior to the existence of people on this planet.

As for what people want to be called...well, anything they want to be called is okay with me, once I know what it actually is...but that seems to keep changing all the time. Let's just agree we're all human beings and be happy with it...

Rita Coolidge and Tina Turner both have "Indian" blood, by the way, and are not lying about it as far as I know.

- LH