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Posted By: Big Mick
01-Apr-02 - 12:05 AM
Thread Name: Lyr/Chords Req: Rosie (Eric Bogle)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Add: Rosie from Eric Bogle
Here ya go!

Intro consists of a full measure of each chord, song is in common time:

Dm - F - C - G - Dm - F - G

I (C)wrote this song for Ro(F)sie, (C)song's all I (G)have to give(C)
I've no (C)pocket full of (F)miracles(C), or magic wand to wave(G)
perhaps (F)love itself's a mira(C)cle, and (F)Faith a magic wand(G)
And (C)these two will give (F)Ro(C)sie, the best start that (G)they can(C)


She may not (F)walk like she should (G)do,
She may not (C)talk like she ought (F)to
Sometimes the an(Dm)ger and the pain (G)show through
in (C)her frustrated cr(G)ies
But when she (F)smiles at me
I (C)can see the lit(F)tle girl who lives(G) in Rosie's eyes(C)

It's a tough road ahead for Rosie, with blind corners everywhere
Lined with samaritans and strangers who'll whisper, point and stare
And some of them will understand, but most of them will not
On her brave and lonely journey, she'll need all the strength she's got.


I once knew a barren cripple man, who stood firm and straight and tall
A bitter loveless heartless man with no compassion and no soul
But because his limbs were clean and strong, no one turned aside their face
He was a perfect shining mirror for the perfect human race

Chorus 2x

Copyright:1988 Larrikin Music Pty. Ltd. for the World
Words and music:Eric Bogle