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Posted By: Jeri
01-Apr-02 - 07:16 PM
Thread Name: Your Musical Influences
Subject: RE: Your Musical Influences
Jerry, this is a very good question, and a very HARD one to answer. I remember listening to a lot of different artists and loving their repertoire or arrangements, but not trying to sing like them.

I love Norma Waterson's passion and power, June Tabor's voice, Joni Mitchell's range and flexibilty, the way Jackson Browne holds a note steady until it's time for the next one. I love the way A.L. LLoyd sounds like he's smiling when he sings.

I've tried to imitate certain things singers did, but never, even as a kid, tried to sound exactly like any one of them. One bad habit I have is that when I learn a song from, say, a Waterson's recording, I wind up learning the words with a bit of an accent. I don't do this on purpose, but people who hear me probably won't know I'm not trying to put on a fakey accent, so I have to sing the song until I quit doing it.

In learning guitar, I suspect imitation will work the same way it has in my fiddle playing and singing.
I want to learn how people do the unique things they do so I can use those techniques to sound like I do in my dreams.