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Posted By: Joe_F
04-Apr-02 - 06:07 PM
Thread Name: Wartime Double-Entendre Songs
Subject: RE: Wartime Double-Entendre Songs
"Fuk Farouk" is really off topic for this thread, there being nothing double about its entendre, but here it is in full from _The Dirty Song Book_:

Oh, the wogs fuk the dogs and the dogs fuk the wogs,
Fuk Farouk, fuk Farouk,
Hang his ballocks on a hook.
Oh, Fareeda, fuking great lumps of duff.
Oh, Fareeda, fuking great lumps of duff.
Oh, Fareeda, oh, Faryda,
How the boys would like to ride 'er,
_Ma leesh, quoiski teer, bardin,_
Fuk Farouk!

The Arabic passage is glossed as "the hell, very good, tomorrow". The point of misspelling "fuck" is not explained.

The navy version of that story about revising a report: The first mate wrote in the log: "The captain was drunk this morning." The captain made it clear that that would not do. The first mate crossed out "drunk", wrote in "sober", and initialed the correction.