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Posted By: Uncle Jaque
05-Apr-02 - 10:04 PM
Thread Name: lyr req: Kemo Kimo?
Subject: RE: Kemo Kimo?
That song is also known as "FROG IN THE WELL", and was a popular Minstrel song which predates the American Civil War (1861-5). It is also among the repitoire of many ACW reenacting Fife and Drum Corps, including your humble correspondant's, the 3rd Maine Infantry.

Originaly set to gut-strung 5-string banjo, tamborine, and "bones" accompaniment, "Froggie" (as we call it) has a rollicking good tune and rythm to it!

If you can't find the full lyrics on Digitrad or one of the Civil-War Song sites, let me know and I can probably dig them up for you someplace.