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Posted By: Genie
06-Apr-02 - 02:31 PM
Thread Name: Help: Singers and laryngitis
Subject: RE: Help: Singers and laryngitis
Thanks for the advice and the heads-up about ENTs, Alice. [The doc at the urgent care clinic wasn't even equipped to look into my throat.] I'm with Kaiser, and getting to see the right specialist can require being a really squeaky wheel--especially if the specialist you really need to see is outside their system. If I can find the right singer-oriented specialist, I'm willing to pay out-of-pocket, though.

This persistent vocal cord swelling I've got has really increased the already great sympathy/empathy I have for Kendall's plight. In his case, there's cancer to deal with in addition to concerns about the voice. I do hope that treatments are available to deal effectively with both keeping him alive and allowing him to sing.

Any tips on finding a good throat specialist who treats professional singers in a given city [in my case, Portland, OR]?


I should emphasize that I think it was the prolonged, violent coughing --more than the continued singing--that really messed up my larynx and vocal cords. That's what seemed to produce the pain I began to feel all the way up and down my throat. I know now that you can take cough suppressants and use steam, increased fluids, and increased dosages of expectorants to loosen phlegm, so that it's not necessary to cough your guts [and throat] sore to clear your lungs.