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Posted By: Franky
06-Apr-02 - 02:42 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Good English Ale
Subject: Lyr Add: GLORIOUS ALE
Another version

When I was a young man my father did say
The Summer is comin' 'tis time to make hay
And when hay's been carted don't you ever fail
to drink gaffer's health in a pint of good ale

CHORUS: Ale, Ale, Glorious Ale
Served up in pewter, it tells its own tale
Some folks like radishes, some cur-lie kale
But give I boiled parsnips and a gert dish of taters
and a lump of fatty bacon, and a pint of good ale

Our MP's in parliament our faith for to keep
And I hope now we've put 'im there he won't sit and sleep
He'll always get my vote if he doesn't fail
To bring down the price of our good English ale. CHORUS

Some folks is teetotalers, they drink water neat
It must rot their gutses and give 'em damp feet
But as for my part I know I'll not fail
On boiled beef and bacon and Good English Ale. CHORUS


Kind regards


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