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Posted By: annamill
08-Apr-02 - 02:02 PM
Thread Name: BS: Woman 'pregnant with clone'
Subject: RE: BS: Woman 'pregnant with clone'
This would be great if it were to be kept to helping childless couples have children, but of course it won't. Someone will misuse it, which, I feel, is where the fear lies.

Because someones genes are used to create a clone of someone doesn't mean that child would be exactly like the original. He/She would be an original in his/her own right with his/her own personality and his/her own ideas.

After all, aren't natural children the product of someones genes? So what if it's only one set. That set would have both sets originally given by the original parents.

Maybe I'm missing something here. It's like someone discovered we were all derived from apes or something silly like that ;-)


Love, Annamill