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Posted By: Grab
09-Apr-02 - 09:31 AM
Thread Name: Fingers or Plectrum?
Subject: RE: Fingers or Plectrum?
Mark Knopfler only uses his fingers - he uses only thumb, index and middle fingers. Which is why his music has so many arpeggios in it (the classic of course being the final solo in "Sultans of Swing") - it's easy to sweep across the fingerboard if you're fingerpicking, but bloody hard with a plectrum!

Playing with a plectrum is useful where you need to play the same note/chord repeatedly, fast - essential for rock rhythm guitar. Fingerstyle is useful if you need to hit notes quickly or if you need to hit two or more notes at once - essential for folk, classical and much blues.

They also give a different tone to the sound, so particular solo lines sound best with one or the other. You can use finger/thumb-picks to get that plectrum tone when finger-picking, but I have the same problem as Jerry that they just tangle your fingers up in the strings! :-)