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Posted By: Joe Offer
07-Apr-99 - 04:30 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: I am a Fine Musician - German song?
Subject: I am a Fine Musician - German song?
Since I was in high school, I've known a song that goes like this:
I am a fine musician, I practice every day
And people come from miles around, just to hear me play
My piccolo, my piccolo, they love to hear my piccolo
Tweedle-deedle-deedle, Tweedle-deedle-deedle,
Tweedle-deedle-deedle, dee, dee, dee.

and then a trombone, bass drum, trumpet, and what have you - always running down the list of sounds at the end of every verse, singing one on top of another as a true band should do.
I heard a rendition of this song in German within the last month or so - I suspect it was at an open sing in DC - does anybody have the German lyrics, or any other versions of this song?

I heard a 20-yr-old camp counselor sing something similar last week, but I didn't catch the whole thing:
I am a Musikaner, I come from German-land....
And that's all I recall. Can anybody come up with the German, or with any more English versions?
-Joe Offer-

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