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Posted By: catspaw49
11-Apr-02 - 05:19 PM
Thread Name: Any jews harp players out there? :-)
Subject: RE: Any jews harp players out there? :-)
Well DAMN Leeps!! I think that makes you the definitive expert even if you just did a copy/paste!!!! All relevant questions will be referred to you in the future!

I told this story on the other thread, but I still like it. The only thing my old man could play was the radio and record player, but he did have an odd talent! ..............Readers of this forum will recall that my Dad was tremendous practical joker. He didn't play any instrument at all including the Jew's Harp, but a lot of guys thought he did. How you ask? He could imitate the sound perfectly and he'd hold his hand up with the thing in the classic mouth covered position and go through the motions while twanging away vocally. He included this with his other pain-in-the-ass jokes out on the railroad (he was an engineer). If asked to play after a run or if someone wanted to see it, he'd come up with some excuse like he dropped the thing and broke it.

I guess this is some sort of talent, but I could never believe he fooled people with it! But then.......another railroader said to me at his funeral, "Your Dad could really play that Jew's harp too!".........Provided some great comic relief for me and I didn't have the heart to tell him that the Ol' Man was once again getting the last laugh.